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Mitigating Factors

Point in time statistics indicate Florida has the largest population of female veterans, numbering 160,000. This distinction is significant because of the high percentage  of homeless female veterans with children. More than 60% of surveyed Grant Per Diem (GPD) programs that serve this target audience do not house children; those that do have restrictions on age and/or the number of children. Because of a variety of factors including mental/emotional illness, loss of family support, abusive relationships, substance abuse dependencies and exposure to military sexual trauma (MST), these women and their children have no where else to go and no one to turn to. 

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"When questions occurred in my mind - they were addressed without me having to speak...I loved that!"

J. Burley

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"The women received what they came for during the empowerment conference - healing & restoration!"

T. Robinson


Estimates indicate 4500 homeless female Veterans in the U.S. are living on the streets on any given night. In  Duval County approximately 1400 are homeless. Founded in 2015, Healing Women Healing Nation's  NEFL goal is providing social service referrals, workshops, support groups and resource referrals to assist women and female veterans in successfully transitioning back into the community.  Our ultimate goal is provide interim housing and life skills training so that these women veterans become empowered, independent citizens. 

See What People Are Saying

"The workshop was very moving and impactful"

R. Cole

The Solution

Healing Women Healing Nations Inc. NE Florida's   long-term goal is to provide homeless women Veterans with children safe and sustainable housing; providing eight continuum of care areas (1) Family Strengthening (2) Behavioral Health/Wellness (3) Substance abuse counseling (4)Education (5)Financial Literacy/Management Counseling (6)Legal Assistance Referral (7) Employment & Readiness Training (8) Volunteerism.  Currently we provide workshops, resource referrals, empowerment events, group counseling sessions.  By taking a three pronged approach to addressing the issues associated with the homelessness of women Veterans: Engagement, Education, Empowerment we will be instill in them that their goals are achievable with the proper support.